Hello blog world…nice to meet you!

The hardest part is thinking of the first thing to say.  The icebreaker.  You don’t want to be unmemorable but you also don’t want to rub anyone the wrong way.

So I will take this moment to say a few things I may not have elaborated on in the ABOUT section so we can get better acquainted and I can “let you in”.

I love making people feel good about themselves.  For me, it comes from a genuine place.  It’s true what they say…beauty IS in the eye of the beholder.  You are your own worst critic, and that’s why I’m here!  You may see someone who has physical or personality flaws…but I tend to see the vulnerability in everyone (myself included) and I love that part.  It’s what makes us all unique and allows us to call ourselves INDIVIDUALS.  There is not a single person who is exactly like you…or him…or her…or me.

I have come to embrace my “flaws” and those that I could change — such as bad habits or things I was previously unaware of — I worked on.  Those things that I could not change — such as physical traits of birth marks, freckles, etc — I have come to accept and love because it’s just a part of me.  Those weren’t really flaws at all but my insecurities in my former life led me to believe so.

Somewhere along the lines in my journey of growth, something clicked in this noggin (which is a whole other topic I’ll have to get into later) and I decided to break the cycle.  Hence the name nvokechange.  🙂  It’s in us all…the ability to “snap out of it” if we allow it.  As hard as it is to leave the routine behind, it’s the easy way out.  It’s like an addiction…habitual, comforting, with immediate feel-good results that are short-lived.  But what if we tried a little bit harder and found a new view on the same old thing — an awakening, a new perspective, a different outlook on life?  I can tell you that it’s life changing and empowering…and I could not be happier.  I am grateful everyday for this life.

Through this blog, I hope to be able to share stories with you that have touched my life and molded me to be who I am today.  My goal is to reach those who are struggling currently with the same things that I struggled with in the past and let those individuals know that I can empathize and I have been in those shoes.  Trust me, nothing is permanent or for certain.  My past doesn’t define me.  My life experiences are what truly define me, who I have become, and who I hope to continue to embody.  It’s what I make of myself and how I react that matters.


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