Hey there!  My name is Esther and my friends call me Essie or Es.  (I know…I know…You probably have a grandma or great aunt with my name)

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog!  🙂

A few things you should know about me:

  • I love dogs, kids, human interactions…lists, quotes, and ellipses…
  • Born and raised in Southern Cali
  • Happily married to a funny man with a big heart…my best friend
Doyle wedding

The best day of my life

  • We have the most awesome dog, Boosie, whom we rescued from the Downey pound…but let’s be honest, she isn’t the lucky one…we are!  Talk about unconditional love!  She is the best fetcher and such a good dog/family member.
Boosie ears

Our lil cutie pie

  • I am currently experiencing the  greatest joy in life…being a first-time mommy!
    B and me - week 1

    Meet Brandon – Week 1


    My favorite pic of B these days

  • I think I must be the clumsiest person alive.  No joke.  I mentioned it in my wedding vows and then proceeded to catch my fall in my ginormous wedding dress at the reception…and took a bow in front of all my guests.  When I feel comfortable enough to post the video…I will do it.  🙂
  • I’m learning to live in each present moment
  • Truly blessed and loving my life…but it wasn’t always this way.  I somehow managed to move on from my negative past and created a life I could never even dream up.  This is what it’s like to experience pure happiness and love.
  • I have a story to tell that I hope resonates with those who I am trying to tell it to
  • I’m all about the movement.  nvokechange…break the cycle
  • Please bear with me…I’m new to blogging and heavily tech-challenged

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